Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance helps your client’s business cover the financial costs resulting from an auto accident if an employee is found at fault. Commercial auto insurance helps pay for damaged property and medical expenses – even in the event of a fatal accident.

​Each Commercial Auto Program offered through Cennairus varies by state. The underwriters at Cennairus review each submission to match program eligibility and provide a quote(s) when available. ​Please contact our Underwriting Department for questions or information on all available programs.

* Please note: Commercial Auto Insurance for Long-Haul and Local Trucking is expected to be available Q3 2020.


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Cennairus offers programs designed for risks that are involved in the following industries:

New” Workers’ Comp Program for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Available Coverages for NEMT Risks Now Include:

Commercial Auto Liability
Commercial Auto Physical Damage
​Excess Liability
General Liability & Professional Liability
Workers’ Compensation​
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Dual Lens Camera/Facial Recognition System

This Safety Feature Program uses in-cabin artificial intelligence to assess the driver, vehicle and the road ahead to detect and coach distracted and aggressive driving in real-time.

Helps drivers avoid collisions, near-misses, and traffic violations to reduce losses and lower costs.
Quickly provides Insurance Carrier with critical video and data for efficient claims processing.
Improves driver behavior and builds a safety-focused company.

Program Offers Unparalleled Safety Capabilities:

Distracted Driving: Helps drivers to focus on the road with progressive alerts based on duration and severity of distraction events
Tailgating: Coaches drivers in real-time to maintain safe following distances to avoid unnecessary collisions.

High Risk Warnings: Alert drivers when it matters most: when they’re distracted and risks are present in the road ahead.
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