Eliminate the Burden of Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation should be an expense the employer can budget for. A Pay As You Go insurance program can make payment for work comp insurance easier for the employer.


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How Does Pay As You Go Work?

  • Continue running payroll as usual. This will ensure employee count and wage data is up to date.

  • Premium is then calculated each payroll cycle

  • The amount owed is deducted and sent to the insurance company

  • Large lump sum payments are eliminated, making workers’ compensation an expense the employer can budget.

PAYGO Workers’ Comp Benefits:

In a Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation program, there are various benefits for the employer.

Eliminating or greatly reducing the down payments
Eliminating premium financing
Eliminating checks to write
Reducing premium audit risk
Reduced premium adjustments when premium audits do occur
Improved cash flow by adjusting premiums to payroll changes
Possible lower overall cost of work comp coverages